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Silicone Fruit and Veggie Covers - 4 Pack


You all know how important it is to eat healthily, and that’s why you buy veggies. To keep them fresh for as long as possible, there's no better way than with the Basic Goods Reusable Silicone Fruit and Veggie Covers/Food Huggers. Not only are they proven eco-friendly (no more waste from plastic wrap), but they also add a playful touch of color around your seedless watermelon. The food huggers fit perfectly on a variety of fruits and vegetables like lemons, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers; you name it! And with different colors to choose from - who could resist?


  • Perfectly fits your fruits and veggies including lemons, onions, tomato's, cucumbers, and many more
  • Reusable and long lasting 
  • Better alternative to plastic wrap 
  • Set of 4 lovely colors 


After you receive your FIRST delivery, if you don't think it was worth your money, contact us for a refund. If you have any problems with your products, we don't want your money!

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