The Basic Goods Trading Company was established in 2021 as an environmental
general store started in response to the devastating pandemic that impacts the

When the pandemic struck, founder Shannon O’Reilly faced isolation at home with
her three young children, all rambunctious boys. During this time, she was
frustrated to see the number of single-use household products they used for simple,
everyday tasks. She knew that there must be a better way.


Each week, Shannon noticed so many single-use disposable items in her trash that
could have been avoided with high quality reusable products. This led her to
multiple websites researching alternatives for all those disposable items. She
realized that many other households faced this same dilemma. She discovered just
how difficult it was to find options at good prices from one location in one box. For
many households, this difficulty continues. This was the birth of The Basic Goods
Trading Company.

The Basic Goods Trading Company strives to be better. We are a one-stop shop for
planet-friendly products for people wishing to make a difference in ways that are
beneficial for all of us. Small everyday eco-swaps can make a big difference towards
combating climate change and unnecessary waste.
We believe that most companies do not need more profits - they need more
purpose. Our mission is simple: we help people eliminate single-use disposable
products by providing affordable planet-friendly alternatives.

Let's get back to basics. Let’s return to a time when we didn’t need, nor could we
afford, to waste like this. It is crystal clear that the planet can not afford this waste
either. Going back to basics to a time when milk came in glass bottles, mason jars
were used for everything, and we used a wooden crate to carry it all. We are not
perfect, nor are there perfect products, but we are committed to no more wasted
packaging, no more wasted inks, no more single-use plastics. We know that
customers are demanding alternatives, so we are doing our part to support
innovation as this is the path to building a circular economy. It is time to do our

The Basic Goods Trading Company thanks YOU for

Doing Our Part

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the
world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Our Social Responsibility Pledge: We at Basic Goods Trading Company commit to
donating 1% of our total revenue to organizations that aid in our fight against
climate change and plastics in the oceans.